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Connecting a Bluetooth device for serial communication on Arch Linux.

The following are instructions for connecting a Bluetooth device for serial communication on Arch Linux using BlueZ 5.31.


The following packages are required:

  • bluez: bluetoothd
  • bluez-utils: bluetoothctl, rfcomm


  1. Start daemon: systemctl start bluetooth

  2. Pair using bluetoothctl:

    power on
    agent on
    scan on
    ... wait ...
    scan off
    pair <dev>
  3. Create serial device: rfcomm bind 0 <dev>

You should now have /dev/rfcomm0.


  1. Remove serial device: rfcomm release 0

  2. Unpair using bluetoothctl:

    remove <dev>
    power off
  3. Stop daemon: systemctl stop bluetooth


Check rfkill list to make sure that the Bluetooth device is not blocked.

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