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Using the 'loaddata' management command in a data migration with South is going to break things as soon as the used models change in any way (when running the migrations on a fresh install). The data loaders don't know about the frozen ORM provided by South but use the current state of the models as in the respective ''. Here's a fixtur…
from myproject.utils import loaddata
class Migration(DataMigration):
def forwards(self, orm):
loaddata(orm, 'some_fancy_fixture.json')
def loaddata(orm, fixture_name):
Overwrite the ``_get_model`` command in the serialiser to use the
FakeORM model from south instead of the latest model.
from dingus import patch
_get_model = lambda model_identifier: orm[model_identifier]
with patch('django.core.serializers.python._get_model', _get_model):
from import call_command
call_command("loaddata", fixture_name)
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codeinthehole commented Jul 26, 2013

Ha - nice workaround

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npardington commented Sep 5, 2013

Thanks for this workaround!

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