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Last active Dec 26, 2015
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Things I use on linux to make my life amazing
  • Xmonad
    • Can open a new terminal with alt-shift-return
    • Can change layout with alt-space
    • Can switch and resize windows using alt-HJKL
    • Can move windows around with shift-alt-JK
    • Alt-1-9 changes workspace
    • Alt-shift-1-9 moves windows to a workspace
  • The apple key
    • I have the Apple Key mapped to CTRL using XModmap
    • Chrome shortcuts are alll based on this - CTRL-W/T/TAB/R
    • It annoys me on MacOS that it's CTRL-Tab to switch tabs, CTRL-R to refresh and Apple-W/T for creating/destroying(!!!)
    • Having the apple key mapped to CTRL breaks that even further
    • but I want the apple key as CTRL because vim. (I could do caps lock I guess - that's mapped to CTRL on MacOS too)
    • But that's still pretty nasty
  • I use Vimium for browsing the web, no mouse please
  • Software
    • I often build from scratch, I have build-essential for this
    • I use apt-get for most basic things though
    • I rely on openjdk-1.7 to do my Clojure development
    • I'm pretty sure one or two of the plug-ins in vim for this require Ruby1.93 or whatever it is

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@ianbattersby ianbattersby commented Nov 21, 2013

Mine so far (work in progress);

  • Slate (not quite xmonad but i can arrange/snap/nudge/resize/throw windows)
    • I open a new terminal with CMD-ALT-RETURN using an Alfred workflow w/AppleScript (see below)
    • Need to see this in action but I can use CTRL-ESC to change layout position of current window (divvy style)
    • Can resize windows using ALT(/+CTRL) HJKL
    • Can focus windows using SHIFT-CTRL HJKL (left/right/up/down) and SHIFT-CTRL-ALT KJ (above behind)
    • Can move windows using SHIFT-ALT HJKL
    • Can change work(spaces) using CTRL1 through 10
    • I need to perfect 'throwing' windows to other spaces (but think Slate can do this along with monitors)
    • Planning to use Keyboard4Mac to map CAPS-LOCK to CTRL-ALT-CMD for speed
    • Can use window hints with Slate to switch apps
    • Slate comes with an alternative app switcher (still in development)
    • I have disabled many default OS X shortcuts but don't ask me which at the moment
  • I use vinium in Chrome
  • Boxen
    • I use BOXEN w/Puppet profiles for maintaing my machine configuration
  • Software (all via boxen)
    • Alfred (for quick load apps and custom workflows/terminal commands)
    • iTerm2 for split panes and better terminal management (OS X term can do vertical split now)
    • Slate (as above)
    • zsh (prefer it's auto-completion/etc)
    • Homebrew for install/compile (in answer to your build-essentials)
    • rbenv for managing ruby versions
    • nodenv for managing node versions
    • MacVim (but I'm still working on this integration)
    • I have Java 1.7 installed

I have iTerm2 configured to use non-lIon fullscreen mode and when asking for 'Coding' profile throws it to the second space (always) as a full-screen, I can also restore a saved window layout which for me - has split panes. I can navigate round the spit planes using CMD [] and OPT-CMD Up/Down/Left/Right.

My current slate/Alfred key bindings don't interfere with the default keyboard navigation, which helps my greying cells.

on alfred_script(q)
    if isAppRunning("iTerm") then
        tell application "iTerm"
            set myterm to (make new terminal)
            tell myterm
                set mysession to (make new session at the end of sessions)
                tell mysession
                    exec command "/bin/zsh -l"
                end tell
            end tell
        end tell
        activate application "iTerm"
    end if
end alfred_script

on isAppRunning(appName)
    tell application "System Events" to (name of processes) contains appName
end isAppRunning
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