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Last active Aug 12, 2017
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matelight with raspberry pi / fadecandy
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/fcserver-rpi /etc/fadecandy.json
  • Install the latest Raspbian Jessie Lite on a sd card and put it in your raspberry pi.

  • run sudo raspi-config and change the hostname to matelight. reboot.

  • checkout the latest fadecandy release, move the fcserver-rpi to /usr/local/bin and copy the networked configuration example to /etc

    git clone
    cd fadecandy
    sudo mv bin/fcserver-rpi /usr/local/bin
    sudo cp examples/config/networked.json /etc/fadecandy.json
  • Add a systemd service file for fadecandy (source see below): sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/fadecandy.service

  • Enable fadecandy for startup on boot: sudo systemctl enable fadecandy

  • Start it now: sudo systemctl start fadecandy

  • (You can get the current status with sudo systemctl status fadecandy)

  • Now access http://matelight.local:7890 in your browser and look if your fadecandy appears.

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