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A shiv for dotenv files from existing _ss_environment.php files in SilverStripe 4
* Imports SS_* constants into the environment so dotenv can read them.
* You should include this from your mysite/_config.php file BEFORE ConfigureFromEnv.php
* This file is temporary - until SilverStripe Platform supports auto-generation
* of .env files instead of/as well as _ss_environment.php
if (!file_exists(BASE_PATH . '/.env')) {
// Define paths to look for _ss_environment in
$paths = [
BASE_PATH . '/_ss_environment.php', // In the project root
BASE_PATH . '/../_ss_environment.php', // SSP already deployed
BASE_PATH . '/../../_ss_environment.php' // SSP during deployments
// Find the first environment file that exists
foreach ($paths as $path) {
if (file_exists($path) && is_readable($path)) {
require_once $path;
// Get the user defined constants that start with SS_
foreach (get_defined_constants(true)['user'] as $constantName => $constantValue) {
if (substr($constantName, 0, 3) !== 'SS_') {
// Import into the environment so the first execution will work. You can also
// write this to a .env file, if required
putenv(sprintf('%s=%s', $constantName, $constantValue));
unset($path, $paths, $constantName, $constantValue);
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