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Robby Pond robbypond

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View strip_play_services.gradle
afterEvaluate { project ->
android.applicationVariants.each { variant ->
variant.javaCompile.dependsOn stripPlayServices
task stripPlayServices << {
def playServiceRootFolder = new File(rootProject.buildDir, "intermediates/exploded-aar/")
playServiceRootFolder.list().each { versionName ->
def versionFolder = new File(playServiceRootFolder, versionName)
robbypond / StyleSearchView
Created Dec 12, 2013
Shows how to apply custom style/drawables to the Android SearchView widget.
View StyleSearchView
final MenuItem searchItem = menu.findItem(;
SearchView searchView = (SearchView) searchItem.getActionView();
if (searchView != null) {
//These are the internal resource names so we must find the id
int searchPlateId = getResources().getIdentifier("android:id/search_plate", null, null);
int submitAreaId = getResources().getIdentifier("android:id/submit_area", null, null);
//These are not guaranteed to exist and could be different based on device software
if(searchPlateId != 0 && submitAreaId != 0) {
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