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Instructions for updating .mobileprovisioning file for over-the-air .ipa deployments for Beta testing
  1. A user needs to supply their device UDID (
  2. Log into iOS developer centre (
  3. Click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
  4. Click on Devices
  5. Click add
  6. Add the device UUID
  7. Click on Distribution under Provisioning Profiles
  8. Click on Beta testing (assuming that's what you called it)
  9. Click Edit
  10. Tick all the devices that you want to be allowed for Over The Air
  11. Click Generate
  12. Click Download
  13. Go to PhoneGapBuild and login
  14. Edit your account ( and click on Signing Keys
  15. Delete "iOS over-the-air Key" (assuming that's what you called it) and then click "add a key …" under App Store - find and choose the App Store private key and find and use the provisioning profile you downloaded and make sure the title is the same as it was before, e.g. "iOS over-the-air Key" (case sensitive) then click "submit key"
  16. Add the .mobileprovisioning file to the NuGet package files in source control under overtheair/Beta.mobileprovisiong (assumes

This information has been published via my blog post.

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