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Last active Nov 3, 2019
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Bubble Sort vs. Comb Sort
import random
import cProfile
def swap(arr, a, b):
arr[a], arr[b] = arr[b], arr[a]
def getNextGap(gap):
gap = (gap * 10) / 13
if gap < 1:
return 1
return int(gap)
def combsort(nums):
n, gap, swapped = len(nums), len(nums), True
while gap != 1 or swapped == True:
gap, swapped = getNextGap(gap), False
for i in range(0, n - gap):
if nums[i] > nums[i + gap]:
swap(nums, i, i + gap)
swapped = True
return nums
def bubblesort(nums):
n = len(nums)
for i in range(n):
swapped = False
for j in range(0, n-i-1):
if nums[j] > nums[j+1]:
swap(nums, j, j+1)
swapped = True
# short circuit here to be fair with the above
# implementation of comb sort
if not swapped:
return nums
return nums
unsorted = []
for i in range(0, 10000):
# copy the arrays
a = unsorted[:]
b = unsorted[:]
# profile"combsort(a)")"bubblesort(b)")
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