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MiniProfiler: NHibernate profiling with batching support
using System.Data;
using System.Data.Common;
using System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging;
using System.Runtime.Remoting.Proxies;
using MvcMiniProfiler;
using MvcMiniProfiler.Data;
using NHibernate.Driver;
namespace YourNamespaceHere
public class ProfiledSql2008ClientDriver : Sql2008ClientDriver
public override IDbCommand CreateCommand()
IDbCommand command = base.CreateCommand();
if (MiniProfiler.Current != null)
command = DbCommandProxy.CreateProxy(command);
return command;
public class DbCommandProxy : RealProxy
private DbCommand instance;
private IDbProfiler profiler;
private DbCommandProxy(DbCommand instance) : base(typeof(DbCommand))
this.instance = instance;
this.profiler = MiniProfiler.Current as IDbProfiler;
public override IMessage Invoke(IMessage msg)
IMethodCallMessage methodMessage = new MethodCallMessageWrapper((IMethodCallMessage)msg);
var executeType = GetExecuteType(methodMessage);
if (executeType != ExecuteType.None)
profiler.ExecuteStart(instance, executeType);
object returnValue = methodMessage.MethodBase.Invoke(instance, methodMessage.Args);
if (executeType == ExecuteType.Reader)
returnValue = new ProfiledDbDataReader((DbDataReader)returnValue, instance.Connection, profiler);
IMessage returnMessage = new ReturnMessage(returnValue, methodMessage.Args, methodMessage.ArgCount, methodMessage.LogicalCallContext, methodMessage);
if (executeType == ExecuteType.Reader)
profiler.ExecuteFinish(instance, executeType, (DbDataReader)returnValue);
else if (executeType != ExecuteType.None)
profiler.ExecuteFinish(instance, executeType);
return returnMessage;
private static ExecuteType GetExecuteType(IMethodCallMessage message)
switch (message.MethodName)
case "ExecuteNonQuery":
return ExecuteType.NonQuery;
case "ExecuteReader":
return ExecuteType.Reader;
case "ExecuteScalar":
return ExecuteType.Scalar;
return ExecuteType.None;
public static IDbCommand CreateProxy(IDbCommand instance)
var proxy = new DbCommandProxy(instance as DbCommand);
return proxy.GetTransparentProxy() as IDbCommand;
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felipesabino commented Feb 6, 2013

Hi there,

I just forked/updated the gist to check wheter the profiler instance is null before making the calls, which happens if you abandon the profiler session by using MiniProfiler.Stop(discardResults: true);

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