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struct Industry: Encodable {
let industryTypeCode: String
struct Company: Encodable {
let companyName: String
let cinNumber: String
let isListed: Bool
let industryType: [Industry]
struct Address: Encodable {
let address: String
let countryCode: String
struct RequestPayload: Encodable {
let basicDetail: Company
let addressDetail: Address
func sendRequest() {
let industries = [Industry(industryTypeCode: "4AC0C192"), Industry(industryTypeCode: "2E128A3A")]
let basics = Company(companyName: "Abhishek", cinNumber: "1234565", isListed: false, industryType: industries)
let address = Address(address: "dfd\ndf", countryCode: "050822CF")
let requestPayload = RequestPayload(basicDetail: basics, addressDetail: address)
AF.request(url, method: .post, parameters: requestPayload, encoder: JSONParameterEncoder.default)
.responseJSON { response in
switch response.result {
case .success(let value):
case .failure(let error):
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