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Last active Mar 7, 2021
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Simple .licrc config file for Licensebat
# This indicates which are the only licenses that Licensebat will accept.
# The rest will be flagged as not allowed.
accepted = ["MIT", "MSC", "BSD"]
# This will indicate which licenses are not accepted.
# The rest will be accepted, except for the unknown licenses or dependencies without licenses.
# unaccepted = ["LGPL"]
# Note that only one of the previous options can be enabled at once.
# If both of them are informed, only accepted will be considered.
# This will allow users to flag some dependencies so that Licensebat will not check for their license.
ignored=["ignored_dep1", "ignored_dep2"]
# False by default, if true, it will only run the checks when one of the dependency files or the .licrc file has been modified.
run_only_on_dependency_modification = true
# False by default, if true, it will never block the build.
do_not_block_pr = false
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