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(defprotocol Matchable (match [me matcher]))
(defmacro data [name & constructors]
(defprotocol ~name)
(defprotocol ~(symbol (str "match-"name))
~@(for [[const & args] constructors]
`(~(symbol (str "match-"const)) [_# ~@args])))
~@(for [[const & args] constructors]
(if (seq args)
`(defn ~const [~@args]
(reify [Matchable ~name]
(match [me# matcher#]
(~(symbol (str "match-"const)) matcher# ~@args))))
`(def ~const
(reify [Matchable ~name]
(match [me# matcher#]
(~(symbol (str "match-"const)) matcher# ~@args))))))))
(defmacro match* [type val & paths]
`(match ~val
(reify [~(symbol (str "match-"type))]
~@(for [[const args & code] paths]
`(~(symbol (str "match-" const)) [_ ~@args] ~@code)))))
(data List [Nil] [Cons car cdr])
(defn my-map [fun aList]
(match* List aList
(Nil [] Nil)
(Cons [car cdr] (Cons (fun car) (my-map fun cdr)))))
(defn my-foldr [fun val aList]
(match* List aList
(Nil [] val)
(Cons [car cdr] (fun car (my-foldr fun val cdr)))))
(defn print-List [aList]
(print "(")
(my-map #(do (print %) (print " ")) aList)
(print ")"))
(print-List (Cons 2 (Cons 3 Nil)))
(my-foldr + 0 (Cons 2 (Cons 3 Nil)))
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