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Hi @robgrzel , there are two files for user customization
~/.EverVim.vimrc is for global user config that will override the default
YOUR_PROJECT/.EverVim.project is for per-project settings that overrides the default and the global user config. You can just simply put this file in the project root directory.
As for user-defined keymappings, it's just how you normally define vim keymaps. You can add key mapping to one of those files above. For example
" in one of your project root
" .EverVim.project
nnoremap <Leader>mb :!cd build; cmake ..; make -j
That will create a user-define keymap <Leader>mb to a command to use cmake to build the current project.
Of course, leader M is just a vacant keymap prefix that I defined for user-defined kemaps, you can map it to for example <Leader>dq as long as that key mapping has not already been defined.
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