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Cleans up branches merged into "dev" from your local repo (except current branch, dev, and master)
#!/usr/bin/env sh
# IMPORTANT: exclude the current branch (*), master and dev branch. Add any other patterns here
# and do a --dry-run if you're unsure
to_prune=$(git branch --merged dev | grep -v '\*\|master\|dev')
function show_help {
echo Usage: $(basename $0)
echo " -n [--dry-run] Print branches that would be removed"
case "$1" in
echo "\033[1;37mBranches that would be deleted (locally):\033[0m"
for branch in $to_prune; do
echo " \033[31m$branch\033[0m"
for branch in $to_prune; do
echo "\033[31m$IBAD $(git branch -d $branch)\033[0m"
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