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Setting up PC-EFTPOS to work with Virtual PinPad is a P-ITA, so do the following dance, and things might work.

  1. During setup, remember to select "PINPad will be attached..." PINPad will be attached....
  2. In EFT Client UI, change COM Port to TCPIP
  3. Press Stop and relaunch EFT Client UI again
  4. Setup Virtual PinPad
  5. Try changing to 2011 but 2012 should be the correct value. 2011 should be used for sending payment to EFT Client, and 2012 should be used for connecting Virtual PinPad to EFT Client.
    • Using port 2011 can seem to work and you may still be able to see PC_EFTPOS DEMO READY but don't be fooled because sending a transaction amount will be unsuccessful.
  6. You might have to close the virtual pinpad and open it again, until you see PC_EFTPOS DEMO READY.
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