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SystemRescueCD iPXE menu script and monkeypatch for preloading sysrcd.dat with iPXE instead of loading from local storage
set sysrcd-version 4.7.1
echo Booting SystemRescueCD ${sysrcd-version} x86 for ${initiator-iqn}
# Kernel command-line options are documented here:
set base-url sysrcd-${sysrcd-version}-x86/
kernel ${base-url}isolinux/altker${archs} setkmap=no net.ifnames=0 backstore=off
initrd ${base-url}isolinux/initram.igz
initrd ${base-url}sysrcd.dat /sysrcd.dat
# Load the ramdisk again as a file inside the ramdisk, so our custom init script
# below can unpack the original init script and apply the monkeypatch
# For some reason, the kernel doesn't support the init=/myinit parameter.
initrd ${base-url}isolinux/initram.igz /initram.igz
initrd sysrcd.ipxe.init.diff /init.diff
initrd sysrcd.ipxe.init /init mode=755
boot || goto failed
goto start
echo "Patching original init script with iPXE monkeypatch"
busybox xzcat /initram.igz | busybox cpio -i --quiet --to-stdout init >/init.dist
busybox patch /init.dist /init.diff
busybox mv /init.dist /init.patched
busybox rm /init.diff
busybox rm /initram.igz
echo "Sourcing patched init script"
. /init.patched
--- init.dist 2016-07-06 22:41:12.662454285 +0200
+++ init.patched 2016-07-06 22:42:41.210800377 +0200
@@ -1757,6 +1757,13 @@
# =============================================================================
+# Monkeypatch for preloaded sysrcd.dat with iPXE
+ good_msg "Moving preloaded /${LOOPDAT} into ${BOOTPATH}/..."
+ mv /${LOOPDAT} ${BOOTPATH}/ || sysresccd_panic "Unable to move /${LOOPDAT} to ${BOOTPATH}: $!"
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