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Embedded iPXE menu to choose which network adapter to boot from (autodetects up to 10 adapters)

Go into your git checkout folder of ipxe.

Save the below file as nic-menu.ipxe.

Build iPXE like this:

cd src && make EMBED=../nic-menu.ipxe && cd ..

Requirements: current iPXE as of 2013-08-01 (for proper behavior of autoboot with a network device specified, netX feature, PCI vendor/device ID display and inc command)

set timeout 1000
menu Network boot options for ${uuid}
item --key a default Try to boot (a)ll network adapters in turn
item --gap -- --- Detected network adapters ---
set i:int8 0
ifopen net${i} && item --key ${i} net${i} net(${i}): ${netX/mac} - ${netX/bustype} ${netX/busloc:busdevfn} ${pci/${netX/busloc}.0.2}:${pci/${netX/busloc}.2.2} ${netX/chip} ; ifclose
inc i
iseq ${i} 10 || goto loop
item --gap -- --- Alternatives ---
item --key c config Open (c)onfiguration
item --key r reboot (R)eboot computer
item --key s shell Drop to iPXE (s)hell
item --key x exit E(x)it and continue BIOS boot order
choose --timeout ${timeout} selected && goto select || goto default
goto menu
isset ${${selected}/mac} && goto nic || goto label
autoboot ${selected} && goto exit ||
echo Booting '${selected}' failed, exiting iPXE...
goto exit
goto ${selected} ||
echo The label '${selected}' could not be found, returning to menu...
sleep 2
goto restart
autoboot && goto exit ||
echo Booting failed, exiting iPXE...
goto exit
goto restart
goto restart
set timeout 0
goto menu
echo Continuing BIOS boot order...
sleep 1
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