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Adding jsPsych to Qualtrics
Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnload(function() {
//Retrieve the Response ID from the hidden Qualtrics Session ID value
var responseIdFromSessionID = jq('#SessionID').val().replace("SS_", "R_");
//Retrieve Qualtrics object and save in qthis
var qthis = this;
//Hide buttons - can also (even better) be hidden in the CSS
jq('#Buttons').css("display", "none");
// Experiment parameters
var n_trials = 4;
// URL of stimuli, after they have been uploaded to the Qualtrics file library
var stimuli = ["",
var stimuli_types = ["congruent-left", "congruent-right", "incongruent-left", "incongruent-right"];
var instructions = "<div id='instructions' style='text-align:center;'><p>You will now see a " +
"series of images that look similar to this:</p><br/><p>" +
"<img src=''></p><br/><p>Press the arrow " +
"key that corresponds to the direction that the <strong>middle</strong> arrow " +
"is pointing. <br/>For example, in this case you would press the " +
"<strong>right arrow key on your keyboard</strong>.</p><p>Please try to " +
"respond <strong>as fast as possible</strong>, even at the expense of accuracy.</p><p>Press an arrow key to start.</p></div>";
// Generating Random Order for Stimuli
var stimuli_random_order = [];
var opt_data = [];
for (var i = 0; i < n_trials; i++) {
var random_choice = Math.floor(Math.random() * stimuli.length);
"stimulus_type": stimuli_types[random_choice],
"ResponseID": responseIdFromSessionID // add ResponseID to data
// Define experiment blocks
var instruction_block = {
type: "text",
text: [instructions],
timing_post_trial: 1000
var test_block = {
type: "single-stim",
stimuli: stimuli_random_order,
choices: [37, 39],
data: opt_data
// preload images
// call start() when loading is complete
jsPsych.preloadImages(stimuli, start);
function start() {
display_element: jq('#jspsych_target'),
experiment_structure: [instruction_block, test_block],
on_finish: function(data) {
//save the CSV data to the ResultOfFlanker embedded data field - creation of the Embedded field could also be done through the Qualtrics JS API
Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.setEmbeddedData("ResultOfFlanker", jsPsych.dataAPI.dataAsCSV());
// simulate click on Qualtrics "next" button, making use of the Qualtrics JS API

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commented Aug 16, 2016

very useful! have you used this recently - i.e., updated to recent jspsych versions? and what was the respective code on the html side of qualtrics?

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