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How to setup xrdp on jetson

How to enable RDP (Remote Desktop) on JETSON NANO


Install xrdp

$ sudo apt install xrdp -y 

Install xfce4 ( compatible with ubuntu xrdp)

$ sudo apt install xfce4 xfce4-terminal -y


$ cp -p ~ / .xsession ~ /
$ echo xfce4-session > ~ / .xsession
$ sudo cp -p /etc/xrdp/ /etc/xrdp/
$ sudo nano /etc/xrdp/


Among the contents of the file, the last two lines commented out and, to append a startxfce4 the subsequent line.

(... omitted)
 #test -x / etc / X11 / Xsession && exec / etc / X11 / Xsession 
#exec / bin / sh / etc / X11 / Xsession

Start xrdp

$ sudo service xrdp restart

With the steps up to this point, you can access the JETSON NANO X environment from the RDP client on Windows .

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