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Rob Levin roblevintennis

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roblevintennis / Snippet: Github PR Files List
Created Jun 14, 2019
chrome snippet to get a list of Github PR files. Useful for then listing the acceptance criteria for a PR.
View Snippet: Github PR Files List
var log = []
document.querySelectorAll('.file-info > a').forEach(node => log.push(node.text))
View Spying-on-JavaScript-dependencies.js
// How will we move forward given ES6 module imports cannot be spied on e.g. you'll get error:
// Cannot set property of #<Object> which has only a getter
// Unless you transpile down to CommonJS (which works for now but probably not forever)
// Below are some ideas…
// ---- Dependency Injection ---- //
// Implementation
View stylesheets_icons_new-idea.diff
diff --git a/app/assets/stylesheets/basic.scss b/app/assets/stylesheets/basic.scss
index 153ae768ab4..9009d6d2d21 100644
--- a/app/assets/stylesheets/basic.scss
+++ b/app/assets/stylesheets/basic.scss
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
@import "app/assets/stylesheets/common/css_reset";
@import "app/assets/stylesheets/common/utilities";
@import "app/assets/stylesheets/basic/common";
-@import "mavenlink-js/src/stylesheets/styleguide/components/icons/icons-new";
@import "app/assets/stylesheets/basic/landing";
roblevintennis / example.erb
Last active Jul 17, 2018
String Interpolation Refactoring Examples
View example.erb
<% svgIconName = ''
case story.story_type
when 'deliverable'
svgIconName = 'icon-deliverable'
when 'milestone'
svgIconName = 'icon-milestone'
when 'task'
svgIconName = 'icon-task'
when 'issue'
svgIconName = 'icon-issue'
roblevintennis /
Last active May 12, 2017
coffeescript stack trace
getStackTrace = ->
stack = (new Error).stack or ''
stack = stack.split('\n').map((line) ->
stack.splice if stack[0] == 'Error' then 2 else 1
onRender: ->
console.log("Custom stack trace:")
View Gannon Cannons - SVG Splatter Blocks.markdown

Gannon Cannons - SVG Splatter Blocks

Chris Gannon rocks at SVG animation. This is just me studying his stuff and a total buffoonery not to be taken seriously! Go look at Chris's original here: as this is just a decomposition for me to figure out what the dude's doing cuz "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and all dat jazz :-)

A Pen by Rob Levin on CodePen.


View gist:69e68a5123d38e1f38af
user = User.find(ID_FOUND_IN_USERS_TABLE)
200.times { |n|
w = => 'Workspace-' + n.to_s, :creator_team => 'buyer')
w.creator = user!
View gist:3683c480684f7c822f8a
require 'fixjour'
require File.expand_path("./spec/spec_helpers/builders.rb")
include Fixjour
w = Workspace.find( YOUR_WORKSPACE_ID_HERE )
60.times { |n| create_story(workspace: w, title: n) }
roblevintennis / gist:865de775fb988bfad9a1
Last active May 7, 2017
Responsive Inline SVGs Sass Mixin
View gist:865de775fb988bfad9a1
$svg-container-namespace: '.svg-container';
//Give 'em' 1:1 responsive container by default
#{$svg-container-namespace} {
display: inline-block;
position: relative;
height: 0;
width: 100%;
padding: 0;
//Default for 1:1 aspect ratio
roblevintennis / gist:7347791c906a72c2e166
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Inline SVG with Cacheable External File Mixin
View gist:7347791c906a72c2e166
// Example using multiple colors with SVG Sprites .. see it in an example with:
// $ git clone -b svg-inline-experiments --single-branch Buttons && cd Buttons && npm install && pushd svg-builder && npm install && grunt && popd && grunt dev
@mixin svgColors($fillColor: false, $color: false, $patchCurrentColorForIE: false) {
@if $fillColor {
fill: $fillColor;
@if $color {
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