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Prints out URLs of items in Safari’s Reading List
#!/usr/bin/env python
import plistlib
from shutil import copy
import subprocess
import os
from tempfile import gettempdir
import sys
import atexit
BOOKMARKS_PLIST = '~/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist'
bookmarksFile = os.path.expanduser(BOOKMARKS_PLIST)
# Make a copy of the bookmarks and convert it from a binary plist to text
tempDirectory = gettempdir()
copy(bookmarksFile, tempDirectory)
bookmarksFileCopy = os.path.join(tempDirectory, os.path.basename(bookmarksFile))
def removeTempFile():
atexit.register(removeTempFile) # Delete the temp file when the script finishes
converted =['plutil', '-convert', 'xml1', bookmarksFileCopy])
if converted != 0:
print "Couldn't convert bookmarks plist from xml format"
plist = plistlib.readPlist(bookmarksFileCopy)
# There should only be one Reading List item, so take the first one
readingList = [item for item in plist['Children'] if 'Title' in item and item['Title'] == ''][0]
if 'Children' in readingList:
for item in readingList['Children']:
print item['URLString']
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mcdado commented Jul 19, 2013

It would be cool if there was an option (parameter?) that checks for the presence of DateLastView, so to only get unread items.

I would love to write a pull request here, but I have no knowledge of Python.

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philip-jakobsen commented Aug 5, 2014

I second the above suggestion

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