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mrm_Favorite_Hotkeys - hotkeys and quick tips.

Useful Sublime Text 2 Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a work in progress. ... Markdown ref:

Excellent ref:

Very complete: Sublime Text 2 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (Win, OS X and Linux):

Must have plugin

Open URLs, files, folders, or google text under the cursor or in selected text (for Sublime Text 2). Hotkey is Ctrl-U, or right click, etc. see readme file, excellent

Hotkeys ref:

Bonus Tip: Sublime Text can add in two quotes.... just select jumbo, then press " or '

<div class=jumbo>
and it will become:
<div class="jumbo">


Shortcut Abbrev. Description Note
Opt Option key "Alt" may also appear on this key
Shift Shift key
Ctrl Control key
Cmd Command key Some Apple keyboards also have a Apple logp
Up cursor up
PgUp page up
Misc.: del, f3, tab, caps, space, Up, Down
Space convention: Ctrl + Shift + D

My Favorite Submlime Shortcut keys

Shortcut ------- Description ------- Tips
Hold down Ctrl and then click anywhere Mulitple selections or cursors
Ctrl + R browse/search to a specific function or method Even better, the search is fuzzy as well
Cmd + Shift + Space Selects and expands selection Ie. the first press selects the content without quotes, the second press with quotes, the third press selects everything between the containing {} (in php), the fourth press includes the {}, etc. etc..
Ctrl + Space Opens completions list,Enter or Tab to select Optionally, press Ctrl+spacebar again to select next entry
Cmd + Shift + P Opens command pallette fuzzy searching capabilities. (Fuzzy searching means that by typing some of the letters of your search term, ST2 will display possible commands you want to execute
Cmd + T Go to file. pops up list of all open files, faster way to swtich
Cmd + D selects the current word. Subsequent Cmd + D's select next word(s), Cmd + Ctrl + G selects ALL instances- Great for multiple-cursors (selections). If you want to skip the current instance, press Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D. If you go too far, press Ctrl + U to deselect the current instance.
Ctrl + G Go to a specific line. Same as Cmd + P then type a :
Ctrl + X Delete entire line. or normal Cut operation if text is selected
Ctrl + tab Toggle between open files Ctrl + Shift + tab same but opposite direction
Cmd + L Expand selection to line. repeat it to select lines below
Cmd + R Go to Class/Function etc. same as Cmd + P - it puts the @ sign in for you
Cmd + ] Indent current line(s)
Cmd + [ Un-indent current line(s)
Cmd + P Goto anything you can add : for line, @ for list of functions etc. Tip: Go to word with Cmd + P + #word
Cmd + left/right Beginning of line / End of line the cursor keys
Ctrl + Cmd + Up/Down Move line Up/Down
Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicates the current line by default or the current selection, if any-- without copying to clipboard- Cool!
Ctrl + Shift + K Deletes the whole line Combine duplicate, move up/down, and the Ctrl+D with multi-cursors
Ctrl + K twice Deletes to end-of-line
Ctrl + BkSpace Deletes to beginning-of-line
Cmd + Alt + [ or ] Code folding Hold: Cmd + K, then 2 everything beyond 2nd level blocks are hidden.Unfold everything again Hold: Cmd + K then 0 much more:
Ctrl + BkSpace Deletes to beginning-of-line
Ctrl + ' Show console toggle with Ctrl + ' again
Cmd + K & Cmd B Toggle side bar
Opt + left/right navigates next/previous word at a time
Opt + drag Column select mode selects a rectangle of text



Shortcut Description
N New file
S Save file
S Save file as
S Save all open files
O Open file
T Reopen last closed file
N New Tab
W Close Tab
N New Window
W Close Window
[1-4] Split window to [1-4] columns
[1-4] Focus on column [1-4]
[1-4] Move file to column [1-4]
K, continue holding and press B Toggle side bar
F Toggle full screen mode
F Toggle distraction free mode
P Command palette
, User Settings
= Increase Font Size
- Decrease Font Size


Shortcut Description
F2 Add/remove bookmark (remembers selection)
F2 Next bookmark
F2 Previous bookmark
F2 Remove all bookmarks
F2 Select all bookmarks

Code Folding

Shortcut Description
[ Fold
] Unfold
K, continue holding and press T Fold all tag attributes
K, continue holding and select a number Fold all blocks indented to level 1, 2, 3, etc.
K, continue holding and press 0 Unfold everything


Shortcut Description
Z Undo
Z Redo
U Soft undo (remembers cursor location)
U Soft redo (remembers cursor location)
Y Repeat
X Cut
C Copy
V Paste
V Paste and indent
] Indent
[ Unindent
D Duplicate line
/ Move line up/down
/ Insert line below
/ Insert line above
G Multi-select all in file
L Expand selection to line
R Go to symbol
W Wrap selection with tag
K/U Uppercase the selection
K/L Lowercase the selection
K/T Titlecase the selection
M Move to matching bracket
M Select to matching bracket


Shortcut Description
F Find
F Find in files
H Replace
G Find next
G Find previous
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