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Last active Dec 2, 2018
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Send temperature and humidity data as a comma separated value. Make sure you add in the PSK key for your SIM. Make sure you plug the sensor into the right slow.
#include <DHT.h>
#include <board.h>
#include <BreakoutSDK.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <DHT.h>
/** Change this to your device purpose */
static const char *device_purpose = "Temp-Hummidity";
/** Change this to your key for the SIM card inserted in this device
* You can find your PSK under the Breakout SDK tab of your Narrowband SIM detail at
static const char *psk_key = "STUF HERE";
/** This is the Breakout SDK top API */
Breakout *breakout = &Breakout::getInstance();
#define SENSOR_PIN (D38)
#define LOOP_INTERVAL (1 * 1000)
#define SEND_INTERVAL (10 * 30 * 1000)
#define DHTTYPE DHT11 // DHT 11
void setup() {
// Feel free to change the log verbosity. E.g. from most critical to most verbose:
// - errors: L_ALERT, L_CRIT, L_ERR, L_ISSUE
// - warnings: L_WARN, L_NOTICE
// - information & debug: L_INFO, L_DB, L_DBG, L_MEM
// When logging, the additional L_CLI level ensure that the output will always be visible, no matter the set level.
LOG(L_WARN, "Arduino setup() starting up\r\n");
// Set the Breakout SDK parameters
breakout->setPollingInterval(10 * 60); // Optional, by default set to 10 minutes
// Powering the modem and starting up the SDK
LOG(L_WARN, "Powering on module and registering...");
LOG(L_WARN, "... done powering on and registering.\r\n");
LOG(L_WARN, "Arduino loop() starting up\r\n");
* This is just a simple example to send a command and write out the status to the console.
void sendCommand(const char * command) {
if (breakout->sendTextCommand(command) == COMMAND_STATUS_OK) {
LOG(L_INFO, "Tx-Command [%s]\r\n", command);
} else {
LOG(L_INFO, "Tx-Command ERROR\r\n");
void loop()
static unsigned long last_send = 0;
if ((last_send == 0) || (millis() - last_send >= SEND_INTERVAL)) {
last_send = millis();
float temperature = dht.readTemperature();
float humidity = dht.readHumidity();
LOG(L_INFO, "Current temperature [%f] degrees celcius\r\n", temperature);
LOG(L_INFO, "Current humidity [%f]\r\n", humidity);
char commandText[512];
snprintf(commandText, 512, "%4.2f,%4.2f", humidity, temperature);
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