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sum digits in Harmonia
module Fib using: Platform where
open Platform Prelude expose [+, parse, as-string, ~]
open Platform List expose [zip:using:, map:, take:, filter:, sum]
open Platform IO expose [read-line, print]
-- Typing things is currently cumbersome, but the type inference algorithm should catch 90% of this
let (Num a) => String -> a ::
x as-number = x parse
-- ~ is cons.
let fibs = 0 ~ 1 ~ fibs zip: fibs tail using: +
let n sum-digits = n as-string map: as-number |> sum
let main: _ = read-line >>= { x => fibs filter: even
|> take: x as-number
|> sum
|> sum-digits
|> print
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