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Per clean up wp_usermeta after a simplistic export of a sub-site from multisite.
-- delete any usermeta specific to the other subsites
delete from wp_usermeta where meta_key regexp '^wp_([0-9]+)_';
-- duplicate the wp_usermeta structure in a working data table,
-- but add a unique index for filtering out duplicates
create table _fix_usermeta like wp_usermeta;
-- fix to allow larger keys on InnoDB
set global innodb_large_prefix = 1;
set global innodb_file_format = BARRACUDA;
alter table _fix_usermeta ENGINE=InnoDB;
alter table _fix_usermeta ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;
-- end fix
alter table _fix_usermeta add unique(user_id, meta_key);
-- copy the site-specific usermeta, keeping only the last of each duplicate
insert into _fix_usermeta
select * from wp_usermeta
where meta_key like 'wp\_%'
order by user_id, meta_key, umeta_id
on duplicate key update umeta_id=values(umeta_id), meta_value=values(meta_value);
-- remove the first of each duplicate
delete from wp_usermeta
where meta_key like 'wp\_%'
and not exists (select * from _fix_usermeta where umeta_id = wp_usermeta.umeta_id);
-- remove that working data table
drop table _fix_usermeta;
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