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An experiment with the Twine interactive fiction creation environment/engine
:: Start
You enter the room. It looks familiar - yet you need a moment to remember what it's for.
[[ForFun]] or is it [[ForWork]]?
:: ForFun
Fun fun fun!
Or is it really [[ForWork]]?
:: StoryTitle
For the Fun of It
:: ForWork [style-red]
Work? Work should be fun!
:: CustomScript [script]
alert("let's begin!");
:: StoryAuthor
:: style-red [stylesheet style-red]
/* Your story will use the CSS in this passage to style the page.
Give this passage more tags, and it will only affect passages with those tags.
Example selectors: */
body {
/* This affects the entire page */
.passage {
/* This only affects passages */
.passage a {
/* This affects passage links */
.passage a:hover {
/* This affects links while the cursor is over them */
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