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Created December 2, 2013 09:48
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Groovy mapping from Java Lists / Maps to XML (w3c DOM)
//import GroovyMap to get a handle to the transformation method - toXmlDom()
//DOMCategory to get us xpath style operations eg.getNode, getAttributes while traversing through the xml
import groovy.xml.XmlUtil;
//import static codeset cross-referencing helper class, see below for lookups
return GroovyMap.toXmlDom(payload) {
/*inputs is the args array, where the 0th element is the payload (passed in the line above)*/
def _in = inputs[0]
//use(Type){} - Construct to access xml elements
use(DOMCategory) {
/* add namespace to the output xml
* use builder object (@BuilderSupport) to create xml elements
* builder object (type NamespaceBuilder) has the declareNamespace(Comma_Seperated_Map), use that as a setter for namespaces
builder.declareNamespace('xsi':'' , 'ca':'')
//create root element and create its closure
builder.'ca:getBookInventoryResponse' {
// nested mapping for book with identifier
book {
//repeating field. Iterate over the inbound Map's keys enumeration
for(inventoryDetailsResponse in _in) {
inventoryDetails {
//xref lookup using a custom Java method
status("Book Inventory Status", "Outbound_System_Name", inventoryDetailsResponse.INVENTORY_STATUS, "Inbound_System_Name"))
location {
}.map()//Serialize the entire closure to create an xml. Check the method for more details
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