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Last active May 17, 2021 20:52
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HLS.js v1.0 talk outline

HLS.js v1.0

What is HLS.js, and how has it changed in the last year or two?

What is HLS?

What is MSE?

What else is HLS.js?

  • HLS.js is one of many ways to play HLS in a browser.
  • Safari is the first.
  • A goal of HLS.js is to support any HLS stream as well as Safari.
  • Report bugs and feature requests to Apple through the Feedback Assistant (
  • Awesome Video lists HLS resources and web video players among other things (
  • videojs/http-streaming
  • google/shaka-player

HLS.js History

HLS.js v1.0 Features

HLS.js v1.0 Testing and Maintenance

HLS Interest Group and Upcoming Features from Apple

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