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# Here we run linear models on all available data against GDP per capita
# We are not controlling for country or year
lm_data_all <- data_long %>%
left_join(., gdp_per_capita[,-5], by = c("ccode", "", "year")) %>%
rename(., value = value.x, gdp = value.y) %>%
group_by(variable) %>%
mutate(n = sum(! %>%
ungroup() %>%
nest(-n, -variable) %>%
mutate(fit = map(data, ~ lm(value ~ gdp, data = .)),
results = map(fit, glance)) %>%
unnest(results) %>%
select(n, variable, adj.r.squared, p.value) %>%
arrange(-adj.r.squared) %>%
filter(variable != "gdp_per_capita")
# These data are best represented with a table
knitr::kable(lm_data_all, digits = 3, caption = "R^2 and p-values for the relationship between several metrics and GDP per capita. Years and country of sampling were not controlled for.")
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