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always learning
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Last active December 15, 2023 05:12
Fav programming YT vids
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Last active November 29, 2023 09:20 — forked from aidos-dev/
Connect Apple AirPods to Linux (Ubuntu)

Connect Apple AirPods to Linux (Ubuntu)

# 1. Open the below file with vim
sudo vim /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

# 2. Change the value of this field to bredr
ControllerMode = bredr

# 3. Save and Exit from Vim.
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Created October 29, 2022 07:54 — forked from Starefossen/
My vim cheat sheet for working with tabs and window splits.


New Tab

  • :tabnew - new blank tab
  • :tabedit [file] - open file in tab

Cursor Movement

  • gt (:tabn) - next tab

Tmux cheatsheet

ctrl+b+" = Splits the window horizantally
ctrl+c+% = Splits the window vertically
ctrl+d = Drop the current pane
ctrl+b+<arrows> = to switch between pages
ctrl+b+z = Zoom in and out in the current pane
ctrl+b+c = Create a new window
ctrl+b+p = Go to the previous window
ctrl+b+n = Go to the next window \

rocktimsaikia / process.js
Created March 9, 2022 16:33
Node uptime in HH:MM:SS
const uptime = new Date(Math.floor(process.uptime()) * 1000).toISOString().substr(11, 8)

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am rocktimsaikia on github.
  • I am rocktimcodes ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASAuQYTNFSXBEjGqCDGvRT2LVEDf48FlHEvoVSBnk1I_ggo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

rocktimsaikia / invert.js
Last active March 11, 2021 06:27
Invert an array of integers
// Inverts the integers of an array
const invert = arr => => -n);
invert([2,-5]); //=> [-2,5]
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Last active January 14, 2021 15:31
🔥 How to paginate in mongodb using mongoose

🔥 Here is how to paginate in MongoDB using mongoose :

// Here it is hardcoded for example but 
// generally the `pageNum` should come from request query param
const pageNum = 2;
const pageSize = 10;

// pagination formula
const paginate = (pageNum - 1) * pageSize; 
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Last active January 18, 2021 08:46
🔥 A tiny mongodb command cheatsheet for my personal use. Because I tend to forget them quite often

Common mongo shell commands/methods

show dbs : Show all the databases.
use <database> : switch/move into a database.
show collections : Show all the collections in that database.
db.<collection>.find() : Show all documents in the collection.
db.<collection>.help() : Show help on collection methods.
db.<collection>.drop() : Drops or removes completely the collection.
db.<collection>.deleteMany() : Delete documents from the collection.
db.dropDatabase(): Deletes a database.

rocktimsaikia /
Created August 15, 2020 20:16
Most used git commands

Initialize Git: git init

et everything ready to commit: git add .

et custom file ready to commit: git add index.html

ommit changes: git commit -m "Message"

ommit changes with title and description: git commit -m "Title" -m "Description..."