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Created December 8, 2014 18:23
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alias runserver="python runserver_plus"
alias sp="python shell_plus"
alias manage="./"
alias syncdb="manage syncdb --migrate"
alias dif="git diff"
alias add="git add --all"
alias gs="git status"
alias commit="git commit -m"
alias gl="git log --graph --decorate --all"
alias glp="gl -p"
alias undo="git reset --soft HEAD^1"
alias unstage="git reset HEAD"
alias gck="git checkout"
runcoverage() {
if [ -z $1 ]
coverage run --source='.' test [app] &&
coverage run --source='.' test $1 &&
coverage html --omit="*migrations*,*__init__*"
echo "sleeping, press enter to skip"
read -t 60
runcoverage $1
function push {
echo "git push origin $(git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name --abbrev-ref HEAD)"
git push origin $(git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name --abbrev-ref HEAD)
function pull {
echo "git pull origin $(git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name --abbrev-ref HEAD)"
git pull origin $(git rev-parse --symbolic-full-name --abbrev-ref HEAD)
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