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Created December 17, 2019 18:14
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WordPress patch to disable system.multicall
diff --git a/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-server.php b/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-server.php
index 9702ba2..5437ce8 100644
--- a/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-server.php
+++ b/wp-includes/IXR/class-IXR-server.php
@@ -92,6 +92,7 @@ EOD;
function call($methodname, $args)
+ unset($this->callbacks["system.multicall"]);
if (!$this->hasMethod($methodname)) {
return new IXR_Error(-32601, 'server error. requested method '.$methodname.' does not exist.');
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