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What would you like to do?'s OpenBazaar Moderator Policies

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Moderators play a critical role in the OpenBazaar ecosystem in alleviating risk to both the buyer and seller.

We are offering our own official moderator service on OpenBazaar. Our service will be responsive to any disputes that arise and we will take the time to thoroughly investigate issues before coming to a resolution.

In choosing Zokos as a moderator, you can be assured that any dispute will be resolved based on the terms of the contract. If the dispute lies outside of the agreed upon terms, the original terms of contract will be supplemented (but not replaced) by our own policies, which are summarized below.

Scenario Result
Buyer agrees to shipping with no tracking It's not the vendor's fault if the package doesn't arrive.
Tracking status doesn't change for 10 days or the package is listed as lost The buyer is refunded.
The vendor doesn't ship the item on time The vendor has two days to prove shipment, or the buyer is refunded.
Cancelations and returns The terms must be agreed upon in advance, not after the sale.
Damaged goods The person who shipped the item is responsible.
Vendor ships the wrong item The buyer is refunded and is not responsible for returning the incorrect item.
No contact in 7 days Your position in the dispute is voided.
Privacy Read our policy at
Illegal transactions Transactions that are illegal in the U.S. state of Delaware will be 100% refunded to the buyer.

General Policies


The buyer and vendor should agree in advance as to how the order will be delivered and tracked.

  • If no tracking is used, the vendor will not be responsible if the item is never received.
  • If tracking is used, but the tracking status does not change for 10 business days, or the package is listed as lost, the vendor will be responsible for refunding the buyer.

Cancelations and returns

The terms for cancelling an order or returning an item (including shipping costs) should be agreed upon before sale. Lacking an agreement, all sales are final, and any return shipping costs will be at the expense of the buyer.

  • All complaints concerning the quality of the item will be judged based on the vendor's return policy.
  • If reasonable proof is provided that the vendor shipped the wrong item, funds will be returned to the buyer, and the buyer will not be responsible for returning the incorrectly shipped item.
  • If the vendor does not ship the item 2 days following the maximum estimated time provided to the buyer, funds will be returned to the buyer after confirmation from the vendor that the item was not shipped.

Damaged items

The party who ships the item (whether the vendor or the buyer for a return) should assure proper packaging so that the item is not damaged during transport. Proper insurance should be acquired, and damaged goods will be considered the fault of the person shipping the item.

Digital goods and services

Transactions that involve services or the delivery of digital goods should provide a means of verifying that the service or content was in fact rendered or delivered. All information required to prove contract fulfilment must be included within the transaction. If no such verification process was agreed upon, the vendor will not be responsible if there is a dispute.

The Arbitration Process

Disputed transactions

Funds will be released only at the end of a thorough investigation. Both the buyer and vendor will be contacted.

A reasonable effort will be made towards finding a mutually agreed upon resolution. If no such resolution is possible, we will return funds based on our assessment of the facts. In most cases, as the result of a breach of contract, one party will be sided with and all funds will be returned to that party. When it is not possible to determine with certainty the factual basis of the dispute, the funds will be split between the two parties in proportion to our assessment of the likelihood of each party's case.

Buyer fails to release funds

If the buyer fails to release funds 48 hours following delivery of the item, we will contact the buyer using all available forms of communication. If a response is not received within 3 additional days, funds will be released to the vendor.

No contact from buyer or vendor

If the buyer or vendor does not respond to the moderator within 7 days, their position in the dispute will be considered void. Most disputes should be resolved within a maximum of seven days, but it is acknowledged that personal commitments may sometimes interfere with either the buyer or seller responding in a timely manner. If asked, and if provided a reasonable explanation, under rare circumstanes we will extend all deadlines by up to one week.

Moderator Timeliness

The buyer and seller should be aware that we might not reside in their time zone. We will strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, but you should allow up to 48 hours to receive a response.

Privacy and Legality

The moderator will under no circumstance divuldge the private information in an OpenBazaar contract to a third party. If, for debugging reasons, it is necessary to contact the developers (or another form of support group) and provide technical details concerning the transaction, this will be done only with the consent of both the buyer and vendor.

We will determine legality of a transaction based on the laws of the U.S. state of Delware. If you find this policy ambiguous, please contact our moderator account directly on OpenBazaar.

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