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The Quick Version

View niece.rb
def alexandra
p "hello alexandra. how old are you?"
age = gets.chomp
age.to_i.times { p "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" ; sleep 1 }
View main.css
.container {
width: 96%;
max-width: 920px;
margin: auto;
padding: 2px;
.site {
color: #383838;
padding-top: 70px;
rodreegez /
Created May 28, 2013
Create a Gemfile with the specified gems.
# Usage:
# $ gemfile sinatra
# $ cat Gemfile
# source ''
# gem 'sinatra'
function gemfile {
View gist:3886049
trigger_app GET /apps/:id/trigger(.:format) apps#trigger
app_hooks GET /apps/:app_id/hooks(.:format) hooks#index
POST /apps/:app_id/hooks(.:format) hooks#create
new_app_hook GET /apps/:app_id/hooks/new(.:format) hooks#new
edit_app_hook GET /apps/:app_id/hooks/:id/edit(.:format) hooks#edit
app_hook GET /apps/:app_id/hooks/:id(.:format) hooks#show
PATCH /apps/:app_id/hooks/:id(.:format) hooks#update
PUT /apps/:app_id/hooks/:id(.:format) hooks#update
DELETE /apps/:app_id/hooks/:id(.:format) hooks#destroy
apps GET /apps(.:format) apps#index
rodreegez / gist:1818506
Created Feb 13, 2012
Ruby 1.9.2 Load paths
View gist:1818506

via Gregory Brown (@seacreature) on Twitter:

Wrong way to deal with the 1.9.2 removal of . from the loadpath:

  1. require "./foo/bar" forces you to run code from your project root
  2. $LOAD_PATH.unshift(".") recreates security issue, and pollutes

Right way to deal with the 1.9.2 removal of . from the loadpath:

  1. require_relative "foo/bar" if you don't need Ruby 1.8 compatibility
View too_many_arrays.rb
# my_array is an array of arrays
if my_array.any?
my_array.each do |my_sub_array|
if my_sub_array.any?
my_sub_array.each do |my_thing|
rodreegez / fog.rb
Created May 14, 2011
Retrive S3 files with Fog
View fog.rb
require 'fog'
con =
provider: 'AWS',
aws_secret_access_key: 'ABC123',
region: 'eu-west-1',
aws_access_key_id: 'ABC123'
=> Fog::AWS::Storage object
rodreegez / .vimrc
Created May 12, 2011
my vim settings, use at your own risk
View .vimrc
set nocompatible " Must come first because it changes other options.
call pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles() " Pathogen
runtime macros/matchit.vim " ruby text blocks
syntax enable
set background=dark
colorscheme solarized
rodreegez / gist:740759
Created Dec 14, 2010
hydra verbose output
View gist:740759
wkst-150:hydra_test Rodreegez$ time RAILS_ENV=test rake hydra
(in /Users/Rodreegez/Projects/scratch/hydra_test)
1292348265.678 MASTER| Initialized
1292348265.67811 MASTER| Files: (["test/unit/1_test.rb", "test/unit/10_test.rb", "test/unit/7_test.rb", "test/unit/9_test.rb", "test/unit/8_test.rb", "test/unit/6_test.rb", "test/unit/3_test.rb", "test/unit/2_test.rb", "test/unit/5_test.rb", "test/unit/4_test.rb", "test/functional/tags_controller_test.rb", "test/functional/blog_posts_controller_test.rb", "test/functional/authors_controller_test.rb", "test/unit/author_test.rb", "test/unit/helpers/blog_posts_helper_test.rb", "test/unit/helpers/tags_helper_test.rb", "test/unit/blog_post_test.rb", "test/unit/tag_test.rb", "test/unit/helpers/authors_helper_test.rb"])
1292348265.67816 MASTER| Workers: ([{"type"=>"local", "runners"=>2}, {"directory"=>"/Users/mint/Projects/hydra_test", "connect"=>"mini", "type"=>"ssh", "runners"=>2}])
1292348265.67818 MASTER| Verbose: (true)
Hydra Testing [>
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