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Create and update embedded documents with MongoEngine
# REF:
class Comment(EmbeddedDocument):
content = StringField()
name = StringField(max_length=120)
class Post(Document):
title = StringField(max_length=120, required=True)
author = StringField(required=True)
tags = ListField(StringField(max_length=30))
comments = ListField(EmbeddedDocumentField(Comment))
# Create a post:
post = Post(title="Quora rocks", author="Ross", tags=['tutorial', 'how-to'])
# Find a post
post = Post.objects.find(title="Quora rocks").first()
# Create a new comment
comment = Comment(content="Great post!", name="john")
# Add to comments list and save
# To editing existing comments you can use atomic updates[1] or simply change the comment and call (this will also do an atomic update).
# Update a comment in place
post = Post.objects.find(title="Quora rocks").first()
post.comments[0].name = "John"
# Or update with a set operation
post = Post.objects.find(title="Quora rocks", comment__name="john").update(set__comment__S__name="John)
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