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Created January 12, 2018 08:53
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hertz script.
from getpass import getpass
from pprint import pprint
from bitshares.asset import Asset
from bitshares import BitShares
#from bitshares.block import Block #Uncomment if using blocknumber as reference timestamp.
from bitshares.instance import set_shared_bitshares_instance
from bitshares.price import Price
from import Market
import pendulum
import math
def get_hertz_feed(reference_timestamp, current_timestamp, period_days, phase_days, reference_asset_value, amplitude):
Given the reference timestamp, the current timestamp, the period (in days), the phase (in days), the reference asset value (ie 1.00) and the amplitude (> 0 && < 1), output the current hertz value.
You can use this for an alternative HERTZ asset!
hz_reference_timestamp = pendulum.parse(reference_timestamp).timestamp() # Retrieving the Bitshares2.0 genesis block timestamp
hz_period = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * period_days
hz_phase = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * phase_days
hz_waveform = math.sin(((((current_timestamp - (hz_reference_timestamp + hz_phase))/hz_period) % 1) * hz_period) * ((2*math.pi)/hz_period)) # Only change for an alternative HERTZ ABA.
hz_value = reference_asset_value + ((amplitude * reference_asset_value) * hz_waveform)
return hz_value
bitshares_api_node = BitShares(
# If the connected API node is down, switch to an alternative manually by uncommenting a line & commenting out the broken node.
set_shared_bitshares_instance(bitshares_api_node) # Set the API node TODO: Enable polling multiple nodes & taking avg!
# Unlock the Bitshares wallet
# Perform check prior to calculating HERTZ value, to prevent delay in providing password from publishing an inaccurate (late) Hz price feed.
#hertz_reference_timestamp = pendulum.parse(Block(1)['timestamp']).timestamp() # Retrieving the Bitshares2.0 genesis block timestamp
hertz_reference_timestamp = "2015-10-13T14:12:24+00:00" # Bitshares 2.0 genesis block timestamp
#hertz_offset_date = "2015-10-14T12:00:00+00:00" # First wednesday after the genesis block
#hertz_phase_difference = (pendulum.parse(hertz_offset_date)).diff(pendulum.parse(hertz_reference_timestamp)).total_days()
hertz_current_timestamp = # Current timestamp for reference within the hertz script
hertz_amplitude = 0.14 # 14% fluctuating the price feed $+-0.14 (1% per day)
hertz_period_days = 28 # Aka wavelength, time for one full SIN wave cycle.
hertz_phase_days = 0.908056 # Time offset from genesis till the first wednesday, to set wednesday as the primary Hz day.
hertz_reference_asset_value = 1.00 # $1.00 USD, not much point changing as the ratio will be the same.
hertz_value = get_hertz_feed(hertz_reference_timestamp, hertz_current_timestamp, hertz_period_days, hertz_phase_days, hertz_reference_asset_value, hertz_amplitude)
market = Market("USD:BTS") # Set reference market to USD:BTS
price = market.ticker()["quoteSettlement_price"] # Get Settlement price of USD
price.invert() # Switching from quantity of BTS per USD to USD price of one BTS.
hertz = Price(hertz_value, "USD/HERTZ") # Limit the hertz_usd decimal places & convert from float.
hertz.bitshares.wallet.unlock("UNLOCK HERE")
hertz_bts = hertz / price # Calculate HERTZ price in BTS
hertzbts = Price(hertz_bts, "BTS/HERTZ")
# Some printed outputs
print("Price of HERTZ in USD: {}".format(hertz))
print("Price of BTS in USD: {}".format(price))
print("Price of HERTZ in BTS: {}".format(hertz_bts))
print("Price of Hertz in BTS: {}".format(hertzbts))
# Publish the price feed to the BTS DEX
# Make sure you change the 'account' before executing.
# Don't change any of the other values.
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