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Created April 7, 2015 23:19
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Julialang DataFrame & Matrix mappings
@doc doc"""
Takes a 2d array where each column is a pattern which maps to a row in
the resulting dataframe. Each pattern index is its own column in
the dataframe.
""" ->
function DataFrame(data::Array{Float64, 2})
m = data'
result = DataFrame()
for i in 1:size(data, 1)
result[i] = m[:, i]
return result
@doc doc"""
Takes a dataframe and returns a matrix and an array of column names.
Each row in the dataframe become a column in the matrix.
""" ->
function Array(data::DataFrame)
m = Array(Float64, size(data))
for i in 1:size(data, 2)
m[:, i] = data[:, i]
return m', data.colindex.names
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