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A Python Dictionary to translate US States to Two letter codes
# United States of America Python Dictionary to translate States,
# Districts & Territories to Two-Letter codes and vice versa.
# Canonical URL:
# Dedicated to the public domain. To the extent possible under law,
# Roger Allen has waived all copyright and related or neighboring
# rights to this code. Data originally from Wikipedia at the url:
# Automatically Generated 2021-09-11 18:04:36 via Jupyter Notebook from
us_state_to_abbrev = {
"Alabama": "AL",
"Alaska": "AK",
"Arizona": "AZ",
"Arkansas": "AR",
"California": "CA",
"Colorado": "CO",
"Connecticut": "CT",
"Delaware": "DE",
"Florida": "FL",
"Georgia": "GA",
"Hawaii": "HI",
"Idaho": "ID",
"Illinois": "IL",
"Indiana": "IN",
"Iowa": "IA",
"Kansas": "KS",
"Kentucky": "KY",
"Louisiana": "LA",
"Maine": "ME",
"Maryland": "MD",
"Massachusetts": "MA",
"Michigan": "MI",
"Minnesota": "MN",
"Mississippi": "MS",
"Missouri": "MO",
"Montana": "MT",
"Nebraska": "NE",
"Nevada": "NV",
"New Hampshire": "NH",
"New Jersey": "NJ",
"New Mexico": "NM",
"New York": "NY",
"North Carolina": "NC",
"North Dakota": "ND",
"Ohio": "OH",
"Oklahoma": "OK",
"Oregon": "OR",
"Pennsylvania": "PA",
"Rhode Island": "RI",
"South Carolina": "SC",
"South Dakota": "SD",
"Tennessee": "TN",
"Texas": "TX",
"Utah": "UT",
"Vermont": "VT",
"Virginia": "VA",
"Washington": "WA",
"West Virginia": "WV",
"Wisconsin": "WI",
"Wyoming": "WY",
"District of Columbia": "DC",
"American Samoa": "AS",
"Guam": "GU",
"Northern Mariana Islands": "MP",
"Puerto Rico": "PR",
"United States Minor Outlying Islands": "UM",
"U.S. Virgin Islands": "VI",
# invert the dictionary
abbrev_to_us_state = dict(map(reversed, us_state_to_abbrev.items()))
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temidolan commented Aug 12, 2020

Awesome! Thank you

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dubpirate commented Aug 20, 2020

Thank you so much, I can't ever repay you.

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SagiPolaczek commented Sep 19, 2020

Thanks 👍
Save me to write that manually!

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Miles-Murphy commented Sep 25, 2020

Thank you so much! Have a great day :)

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ChrisShuttle commented Sep 29, 2020

Thank you!

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baileywellen commented Oct 2, 2020

saved me some time, thank you!

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tikhonova commented Oct 30, 2020

aMAzing ;) Thank you!

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gerardovitale commented Nov 14, 2020

This's greeeeeat!!

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KellyWemmer commented Nov 17, 2020

Thank YOU!!

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pnojai commented Nov 27, 2020

What a nice service to other developers. Makes me think of building a package with lots of lookups needed for cartography, like a FIPS lookup for example. Now, I bet someone else already did that, too.

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JSMboli commented Jan 22, 2021

Thank for this.

I am trying to do something similar but worldwide.

I have list of locations that is mixed with states, cities and countries, counties and regions in abbreviations and some in full. For instance, NY, CA, England, UK, USA, Minnesota, London, Bradford, etc. I want it all to be converted to countries such as NY=USA, England=UK, Scotland = UK, Minnesota = USA, etc.

Is it possible to do this in python?
Thanks in advance.

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rmfranciacastillo commented Feb 2, 2021

Sweet! You just save me a lot of time!

@kinghelix You are today's hero!

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fletcheaston commented Feb 21, 2021

In case anyone needs these in the form of enums.

from enum import Enum
from functools import cache

class State(str, Enum):
    ALABAMA = "Alabama"
    ALASKA = "Alaska"
    AMERICAN_SAMOA = "American Samoa"
    ARIZONA = "Arizona"
    ARKANSAS = "Arkansas"
    CALIFORNIA = "California"
    COLORADO = "Colorado"
    CONNECTICUT = "Connecticut"
    DELAWARE = "Delaware"
    DISTRICT_OF_COLUMBIA = "District of Columbia"
    FLORIDA = "Florida"
    GEORGIA = "Georgia"
    GUAM = "Guam"
    HAWAII = "Hawaii"
    IDAHO = "Idaho"
    ILLINOIS = "Illinois"
    INDIANA = "Indiana"
    IOWA = "Iowa"
    KANSAS = "Kansas"
    KENTUCKY = "Kentucky"
    LOUISIANA = "Louisiana"
    MAINE = "Maine"
    MARYLAND = "Maryland"
    MASSACHUSETTS = "Massachusetts"
    MICHIGAN = "Michigan"
    MINNESOTA = "Minnesota"
    MISSISSIPPI = "Mississippi"
    MISSOURI = "Missouri"
    MONTANA = "Montana"
    NEBRASKA = "Nebraska"
    NEVADA = "Nevada"
    NEW_HAMPSHIRE = "New Hampshire"
    NEW_JERSEY = "New Jersey"
    NEW_MEXICO = "New Mexico"
    NEW_YORK = "New York"
    NORTH_CAROLINA = "North Carolina"
    NORTH_DAKOTA = "North Dakota"
    NORTHERN_MARIANA_ISLANDS = "Northern Mariana Islands"
    OHIO = "Ohio"
    OKLAHOMA = "Oklahoma"
    OREGON = "Oregon"
    PENNSYLVANIA = "Pennsylvania"
    PUERTO_RICO = "Puerto Rico"
    RHODE_ISLAND = "Rhode Island"
    SOUTH_CAROLINA = "South Carolina"
    SOUTH_DAKOTA = "South Dakota"
    TENNESSEE = "Tennessee"
    TEXAS = "Texas"
    UTAH = "Utah"
    VERMONT = "Vermont"
    VIRGIN_ISLANDS = "Virgin Islands"
    VIRGINIA = "Virginia"
    WASHINGTON = "Washington"
    WEST_VIRGINIA = "West Virginia"
    WISCONSIN = "Wisconsin"
    WYOMING = "Wyoming"

def get_state_enum(state: str) -> State:
    state_mappings = {
        "AL": State.ALABAMA,
        "AS": State.AMERICAN_SAMOA,
        "AK": State.ALASKA,
        "AZ": State.ARIZONA,
        "AR": State.ARKANSAS,
        "CA": State.CALIFORNIA,
        "CO": State.COLORADO,
        "CT": State.CONNECTICUT,
        "DE": State.DELAWARE,
        "FL": State.FLORIDA,
        "GA": State.GEORGIA,
        "GU": State.GUAM,
        "HI": State.HAWAII,
        "ID": State.IDAHO,
        "IL": State.ILLINOIS,
        "IN": State.INDIANA,
        "IA": State.IOWA,
        "KS": State.KANSAS,
        "KY": State.KENTUCKY,
        "LA": State.LOUISIANA,
        "ME": State.MAINE,
        "MD": State.MARYLAND,
        "MA": State.MASSACHUSETTS,
        "MI": State.MICHIGAN,
        "MN": State.MINNESOTA,
        "MS": State.MISSISSIPPI,
        "MO": State.MISSOURI,
        "MT": State.MONTANA,
        "NE": State.NEBRASKA,
        "NV": State.NEVADA,
        "NH": State.NEW_HAMPSHIRE,
        "NJ": State.NEW_JERSEY,
        "NM": State.NEW_MEXICO,
        "NY": State.NEW_YORK,
        "NC": State.NORTH_CAROLINA,
        "ND": State.NORTH_DAKOTA,
        "OH": State.OHIO,
        "OK": State.OKLAHOMA,
        "OR": State.OREGON,
        "PA": State.PENNSYLVANIA,
        "PR": State.PUERTO_RICO,
        "RI": State.RHODE_ISLAND,
        "SC": State.SOUTH_CAROLINA,
        "SD": State.SOUTH_DAKOTA,
        "TN": State.TENNESSEE,
        "TX": State.TEXAS,
        "UT": State.UTAH,
        "VT": State.VERMONT,
        "VA": State.VIRGINIA,
        "VI": State.VIRGIN_ISLANDS,
        "WA": State.WASHINGTON,
        "WV": State.WEST_VIRGINIA,
        "WI": State.WISCONSIN,
        "WY": State.WYOMING,
        **{enum.value: enum for enum in State},

    return state_mappings[state]

Note: updated to include more readable enums (full state names instead of abbreviations), and added a mapper function to return enums from both full and abbreviated names. If you're using Python <3.9, you can replace the @cache decorator with @lru_cache.

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jrpope2014 commented Feb 26, 2021

Bumped into this while working on a Coursera Data Science class and looking for something of this form for a quick script, just wanted to be sure to say thanks! :)

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aidanchandra commented Mar 3, 2021

Thank you!

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tnalbertson commented Mar 24, 2021

Awesome! Thanks for the time saver :)

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Eventhisone commented Apr 9, 2021

Here it is reversed and including DC, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and US military base abbreviations.

us_state_abbrev = {
            'AL': 'Alabama',
            'AK': 'Alaska',
            'AZ': 'Arizona',
            'AR': 'Arkansas',
            'CA': 'California',
            'CO': 'Colorado',
            'CT': 'Connecticut',
            'DE': 'Delaware',
            'FL': 'Florida',
            'GA': 'Georgia',
            'HI': 'Hawaii',
            'ID': 'Idaho',
            'IL': 'Illinois',
            'IN': 'Indiana',
            'IA': 'Iowa',
            'KS': 'Kansas',
            'KY': 'Kentucky',
            'LA': 'Louisiana',
            'ME': 'Maine',
            'MD': 'Maryland',
            'MA': 'Massachusetts',
            'MI': 'Michigan',
            'MN': 'Minnesota',
            'MS': 'Mississippi',
            'MO': 'Missouri',
            'MT': 'Montana',
            'NE': 'Nebraska',
            'NV': 'Nevada',
            'NH': 'New Hampshire',
            'NJ': 'New Jersey',
            'NM': 'New Mexico',
            'NY': 'New York',
            'NC': 'North Carolina',
            'ND': 'North Dakota',
            'OH': 'Ohio',
            'OK': 'Oklahoma',
            'OR': 'Oregon',
            'PA': 'Pennsylvania',
            'RI': 'Rhode Island',
            'SC': 'South Carolina',
            'SD': 'South Dakota',
            'TN': 'Tennessee',
            'TX': 'Texas',
            'UT': 'Utah',
            'VT': 'Vermont',
            'VA': 'Virginia',
            'WA': 'Washington',
            'WV': 'West Virginia',
            'WI': 'Wisconsin',
            'WY': 'Wyoming',
            'DC': 'District of Columbia',
            'MP': 'Northern Mariana Islands',
            'PW': 'Palau',
            'PR': 'Puerto Rico',
            'VI': 'Virgin Islands',
            'AA': 'Armed Forces Americas (Except Canada)',
            'AE': 'Armed Forces Africa/Canada/Europe/Middle East',
            'AP': 'Armed Forces Pacific'

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squeakyboots commented Apr 20, 2021

Those east of the Mississippi River:
['AL', 'CT', 'DE', 'FL', 'GA', 'IL', 'IN', 'KY', 'ME', 'MD', 'MA', 'MI', 'MS', 'NH', 'NJ', 'NY', 'NC', 'OH', 'PA', 'RI', 'SC', 'TN', 'VT', 'VA', 'WV', 'WI']

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khurchla commented May 28, 2021

Just what I need, cheers for creating this and sharing it!

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semvijverberg commented Jun 4, 2021

Hereby an auto enumerator.

from enum import IntEnum, auto

class US_States(IntEnum):
    AL = auto() # Alabama
    AK = auto() # Alaska
    AS = auto() # American Samoa
    AZ = auto() # Arizona
    AR = auto() # Arkansas
    CA = auto() # California
    CO = auto() # Colorado
    CT = auto() # Connecticut
    DE = auto() # Delaware
    DC = auto() # District of Columbia
    FL = auto() # Florida
    GA = auto() # Georgia
    GU = auto() # Guam
    HI = auto() # Hawaii
    ID = auto() # Idaho
    IL = auto() # Illinois
    IN = auto() # Indiana
    IA = auto() # Iowa
    KS = auto() # Kansas
    KY = auto() # Kentucky
    LA = auto() # Louisiana
    ME = auto() # Maine
    MD = auto() # Maryland
    MA = auto() # Massachusetts
    MI = auto() # Michigan
    MN = auto() # Minnesota
    MS = auto() # Mississippi
    MO = auto() # Missouri
    MT = auto() # Montana
    NE = auto() # Nebraska
    NV = auto() # Nevada
    NH = auto() # New Hampshire
    NJ = auto() # New Jersey
    NM = auto() # New Mexico
    NY = auto() # New York
    NC = auto() # North Carolina
    ND = auto() # North Dakota
    MP = auto() # Northern Mariana Islands
    OH = auto() # Ohio
    OK = auto() # Oklahoma
    OR = auto() # Oregon
    PA = auto() # Pennsylvania
    PR = auto() # Puerto Rico
    RI = auto() # Rhode Island
    SC = auto() # South Carolina
    SD = auto() # South Dakota
    TN = auto() # Tennessee
    TX = auto() # Texas
    UT = auto() # Utah
    VT = auto() # Vermont
    VI = auto() # Virgin Islands
    VA = auto() # Virginia
    WA = auto() # Washington
    WV = auto() # West Virginia
    WI = auto() # Wisconsin
    WY = auto() # Wyoming

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leotraeg commented Oct 22, 2021

Here is one to encode US states based on their population ranking (might be usefull for some further correlation analysis):
us_state_to_population_ranking_encoding = {
"CA": 52, "TX": 51, "FL": 50, "NY": 49, "PA": 48, "IL": 47,
"OH": 46, "GA": 45, "NC": 44, "MI": 43, "NJ": 42, "VA": 41,
"WA": 40, "AZ": 39, "TN": 38, "MA": 37, "IN": 36, "MO": 35,
"MD": 34, "CO": 33, "WI": 32, "MN": 31, "SC": 30, "AL": 29,
"LA": 28, "KY": 27, "OR": 26, "OK": 25, "CT": 24, "UT": 23,
"PR": 22, "NV": 21, "IA": 20, "AR": 19, "MS": 18, "KS": 17,
"NM": 16, "NE": 15, "ID": 14, "WV": 13, "HI": 12, "NH": 11,
"ME": 10, "MT": 9, "RI": 8, "DE": 7, "SD": 6, "ND": 5,
"AK": 4, "DC": 3, "VT": 2, "WY": 1

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elishevab commented Dec 1, 2021

Thank you!

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AnnieW2014 commented Jan 2, 2022

Thank you!! And Happy New Year!

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Tetfretguru commented Jan 31, 2022

I just came in today to parse legal data from all US states and this came very in handy! Thanks buddy!

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shikhagoenkahf commented Feb 4, 2022

us_state_to_abbrev = {
"Alabama": "AL",
"Alaska": "AK",
"Arizona": "AZ",
"Arkansas": "AR",
"California": "CA",
"Colorado": "CO",
"Connecticut": "CT",
"Delaware": "DE",
"Florida": "FL",
"Georgia": "GA",
"Hawaii": "HI",
"Idaho": "ID",
"Illinois": "IL",
"Indiana": "IN",
"Iowa": "IA",
"Kansas": "KS",
"Kentucky": "KY",
"Louisiana": "LA",
"Maine": "ME",
"Maryland": "MD",
"Massachusetts": "MA",
"Michigan": "MI",
"Minnesota": "MN",
"Mississippi": "MS",
"Missouri": "MO",
"Montana": "MT",
"Nebraska": "NE",
"Nevada": "NV",
"New Hampshire": "NH",
"New Jersey": "NJ",
"New Mexico": "NM",
"New York": "NY",
"North Carolina": "NC",
"North Dakota": "ND",
"Ohio": "OH",
"Oklahoma": "OK",
"Oregon": "OR",
"Pennsylvania": "PA",
"Rhode Island": "RI",
"South Carolina": "SC",
"South Dakota": "SD",
"Tennessee": "TN",
"Texas": "TX",
"Utah": "UT",
"Vermont": "VT",
"Virginia": "VA",
"Washington": "WA",
"West Virginia": "WV",
"Wisconsin": "WI",
"Wyoming": "WY",
"District of Columbia": "DC",
"American Samoa": "AS",
"Guam": "GU",
"Northern Mariana Islands": "MP",
"Puerto Rico": "PR",
"United States Minor Outlying Islands": "UM",
"U.S. Virgin Islands": "VI",
"AL": "AL",
"AK": "AK",
"AZ": "AZ",
"AR": "AR",
"CA": "CA",
"CO": "CO",
"CT": "CT",
"DE": "DE",
"FL": "FL",
"GA": "GA",
"HI": "HI",
"ID": "ID",
"IL": "IL",
"IN": "IN",
"IA": "IA",
"KS": "KS",
"KY": "KY",
"LA": "LA",
"ME": "ME",
"MD": "MD",
"MA": "MA",
"MI": "MI",
"MN": "MN",
"MS": "MS",
"MO": "MO",
"MT": "MT",
"NE": "NE",
"NV": "NV",
"NH": "NH",
"NJ": "NJ",
"NM": "NM",
"NY": "NY",
"NC": "NC",
"ND": "ND",
"OH": "OH",
"OK": "OK",
"OR": "OR",
"PA": "PA",
"RI": "RI",
"SC": "SC",
"SD": "SD",
"TN": "TN",
"TX": "TX",
"UT": "UT",
"VT": "VT",
"VA": "VA",
"WA": "WA",
"WV": "WV",
"WI": "WI",
"WY": "WY",
"DC": "DC",
"AS": "AS",
"GU": "GU",
"MP": "MP",
"PR": "PR",
"UM": "UM",
"VI": "VI",

needed this for standardizing the column where some values were full names and some were abbreviations

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shayeny commented Feb 17, 2022

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florent-zahoui commented Mar 3, 2022

thanks a lot

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bayusuarsa commented Jun 12, 2022

Thank you for sharing this information
@sandlerj It's worked very well, and thank you

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ZealianMa commented Jun 19, 2022

Thank you!

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quicksilver0 commented Jun 21, 2022

Commenting as well, so everyone gets spam on this gist! haha

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