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Created June 11, 2021 00:40
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import wikipedia
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup, Tag
import datetime
import urllib.parse
from ankisync2.apkg import Apkg
from ankisync2.anki20 import db
if __name__ == "__main__":
tdelta = datetime.timedelta(milliseconds=500)
apkg = Apkg("casp_plus_003_terms.apkg")
soup = BeautifulSoup()
anchor_tag = soup.new_tag("a")
front_of_card = ""
back_of_card = ""
wiki_search = ""
wiki_page = None
summary_of_card = ""
print("# CASP+ 003 Terms")
for note in db.Notes.filter():
for k, v in
if v == "Front":
front_of_card = k
if v == "Back":
back_of_card = k
if bool(BeautifulSoup(back_of_card, "html.parser").find()):
wiki_search = BeautifulSoup(back_of_card, "html.parser").contents[0]
wiki_search = back_of_card.replace('/', '')
wikipedia.set_rate_limiting(True, min_wait=tdelta)
answer_wiki =, results=1)
wiki_page =, auto_suggest=False, redirect=True)
anchor_tag.string = back_of_card
anchor_tag["href"] = wiki_page.url
summary_of_card = wiki_page.summary
except wikipedia.exceptions.DisambiguationError as e:
anchor_tag.string = back_of_card
google_search_string = urllib.parse.quote_plus(back_of_card)
anchor_tag["href"] = f"{google_search_string}"
except wikipedia.exceptions.PageError as e: None
print(f"## {front_of_card}")
ankisync2 == 0.3.2
wikipedia == 1.4.0
beautifulsoup4 == 4.9.3
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This is the main repository that leverages this script.

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