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Insights of GSOC-2018 with Apache Syncope
This summer I worked with Apache Syncope of Apache Software foundation under Google summer of code - 2018
It was a smooth and fun experience. My mentor Andrea Patricelli is quite a happy and down to earth human being
He is quite helpful and played an important role in completion of this project.
Now for those who don't know Apache Syncope is an Open Source system for managing digital identities in enterprise environments.
Apache Syncope have a Netbeans plugin which allows users to manage report templates and mail templates through the plugin, My part
was to add the feature for managing groovy scripts through the plugin allowing the users to customize the Syncope-core without
using the online console.
Firstly, I created a Scynope client which used the Syncope implementation api to communicate with the syncope core allowing
CRUD operations with the script.Then the next part was to connect the backend with the frontend as well as authorizing the user.
Next I added the operations on the front end, here I learnt about the Netbeans api and used it to get the path of the script
currently opened in the Netbeans editor. Adding the feature for editing the existing groovy scripts was a bit challenging.
Pull request
Work Left
1.Documenting the added fearues of the plugin
2.Live Compilation of Groovy scripts
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