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Working from home

Rok Češnovar rok-cesnovar

Working from home
  • Cerknica, Slovenia
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I am happy to announce that the latest release candidates of Cmdstan and Stan are now available on Github!
This release cycle brings complex vectors and matrices, 6 new functions and 3 new distributions.
You can find the release candidate for cmdstan [here](). Instructions for installing are given at the bottom of this post.
Please test the release candidate with your models and report if you experience any problems. We also kindly invite you to test the new features and provide feedback. If you feel some of the new features could be improved or should be changed before the release, please do not hesitate to comment.
The Stan development team appreciates your time and help in making Stan more efficient while maintaining a high level of reliability.

As you may be aware, R 4.2.0 has just been released. For Stan users on Windows this is notable because, along with other new features, the release is accompanied with a new version of Rtools. Rtools is a toolchain bundle used for building packages from source and more importantly for Stan users, used to build Stan models into object files or executables. There are no changes for users on MacOS and Linux.

Whenever a new toolchain is introduced, it is very likely that there will be hiccups and problems. Although the Stan development team has a testing infrastructure to cover some of the possible scenarios, it is unfortunately impossible to cover all of them. We will try our best to update the recommended installation instructions as more information becomes available.

Our recommendation is that, if possible, Stan users on Windows hold off from upgrading to R 4.2. We suggest waiting a bit, so more information on the new toolchain becomes available and our developers gains some more insight to help you with

View expose_cmdstanr_function.R
# ALERT: The most up-to-date version of this function is now available at
#' Function to expose Stan user-defined functions in R using CmdStanr and Rcpp.
#' In addition to all user-defined functions, this function will expose the
#' stan_rng__(seed) function, that can be used to supplied specific seeds to
#' Stan RNG UDFs.