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Getting Started With Ledger - Sample transactions
; The opening balance sets up your initial financial state.
; This is needed as one rarely starts with no money at all.
; Your opening balance is the first "transaction" in your journal.
; The account name is not special. We only need something convenient here.
2041/12/31 * Opening Balance
Assets:Checking $1000.00
; The money comes from the employer and goes into the bank account.
2041/01/31 * Salary
Income:Salary -$1337
Assets:Checking $1337
; Groceries were paid using the bank account's electronic cash card
; so the money comes directly from the bank account.
2042/02/15 * Shopping
Expenses:Food:Groceries $42.00
; Although we know the cash sits in the wallet, everything in cash is
; considered as "lost" until recovered (see next transaction and later chapters).
2042/02/15 * ATM withdrawal
Expenses:Unknown $150.00
; Paying food with cash: Moving money from the Expenses:Unknown
; account to the food account.
2042/02/15 * Shopping
Expenses:Food:Groceries $23.00
; Ledger automatically reduces 'Expenses:Unknown' by $69.
2042/02/22 * Shopping
Expenses:Food:Groceries $23.00
Expenses:Clothing $46.00
; You can use positive (add money to an account) or negative
; (remove money from an account) amounts interchangeably.
2042/02/22 * Shopping
Expenses:Unknown -$42.00
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