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Created May 24, 2022 12:17
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Prodigy pattern for multi-label text classification using patterns, without a model in the loop.
import copy
from typing import Union, Iterable, Optional, List
import spacy
from prodigy import recipe, log, get_stream
from prodigy.models.matcher import PatternMatcher
from prodigy.types import RecipeSettingsType
from prodigy.util import get_labels
# fmt: off
dataset=("Dataset to save annotations to", "positional", None, str),
source=("Data to annotate (file path or '-' to read from standard input)", "positional", None, str),
spacy_model=("Loadable spaCy pipeline or blank:lang (e.g. blank:en)", "positional", None, str),
labels=("Comma-separated label(s) to annotate or text file with one label per line", "option", "l", get_labels),
patterns=("Path to match patterns file", "option", "pt", str),
# fmt: on
def manual(
dataset: str,
source: Union[str, Iterable[dict]],
spacy_model: str,
labels: Optional[List[str]] = None,
patterns: Optional[str] = None,
) -> RecipeSettingsType:
Manually annotate categories that apply to a text. If more than one label
is specified, categories are added as multiple choice options. If the
--exclusive flag is set, categories become mutually exclusive, meaning that
only one can be selected during annotation.
log("RECIPE: Starting recipe textcat.manual", locals())
log(f"RECIPE: Annotating with {len(labels)} labels", labels)
stream = get_stream(source, rehash=True, dedup=True, input_key="text")
nlp = spacy.load(spacy_model)
matcher = PatternMatcher(
matcher = matcher.from_disk(patterns)
stream = add_suggestions(stream, matcher, labels)
return {
"view_id": "choice",
"dataset": dataset,
"stream": stream,
"config": {
"labels": labels,
"choice_style": "multiple",
"choice_auto_accept": False,
"exclude_by": "task",
"auto_count_stream": True,
def add_suggestions(stream, matcher, labels):
texts = (eg for score, eg in matcher(stream))
options = [{"id": label, "text": label} for label in labels]
for eg in texts:
task = copy.deepcopy(eg)
task["options"] = options
if 'label' in task:
task["accept"] = [task['label']]
del task['label']
yield task
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