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Created February 2, 2023 15:41
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Script to alert on microphone loudness
import time
from collections import deque
import numpy as np
import sounddevice as sd
from beepy import beep
from infi.systray import SysTrayIcon
last_alert = time.time() - 10
q = deque(maxlen=200)
def print_sound(indata, frames, t, status):
global last_alert
volume_norm = np.linalg.norm(indata) * 10
last_elements = [q[i] for i in range(-min(50, len(q)), 0)]
recent_avg_sound = sum(last_elements) / len(last_elements)
num_high_count = len([x for x in q if x > 20])
systray.update(hover_text=f"{recent_avg_sound} decibels")
if num_high_count > 30 or recent_avg_sound > 50:
if time.time() - last_alert > 10:
print(f"You are speaking at {volume_norm:.2f}. Think of Gloria!")
last_alert = time.time()
def quit(systray):
global still_on
still_on = False
menu_options = ()
systray = SysTrayIcon("icon.ico", "Mic check tray icon", menu_options, on_quit=quit)
still_on = True
name = 'Microphone (Yeti Stereo Microph'
with sd.InputStream(device=name,callback=print_sound):
while still_on:
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