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Last active October 26, 2017 16:21
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such meta

After buying the tickets for ReactiveConf I discovered the call for Lightning Talks and decided it's time to leave the attendee seat and hold my first public talk. To calculate the odds I wrote a script to get the current ranks of all Lightning Talks. This script is the topic of my talk:

Getting a Lightning Talk slot for ReactiveConf 2017 with FP

The script is written with JS in a purely functional style. I hope to share my growing passion for Functional Programming with you live on stage.


You will learn about

  • functors,
  • monads,
  • traversables,
  • and applicatives,

without any math formular. Instead you will see some live coding with the best editor in the world (it's 🎉 Emacs 🎉)

Don't forget to leave a star 🌟 if you're interested in my talk!

About the author

I work for comSysto as the guy who gets called if webpack doesn't work.

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dkokic commented Oct 2, 2017

... the guy who gets called if webpack doesn't work

so funny because it's so true ;-)

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