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Vim: available lowercase key pairs in normal mode…
cd cm co cp cq cr cs cu cv cx cy cz
dc dm dq dr ds du dv dx dy dz
gb gc gl gs gy
vc vd vm vo vp vq vr vs vu vv vx vy vz
yc yd ym yo yp yq yr ys yu yv yx yz
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kiryph commented Mar 7, 2018

What about cs and ds?

Popular plugins which use some of them:

  • commentary: gc
  • surround: ys, cs and, ds
  • abolish: cr
  • exchange: cx
  • lion: gl


The article Follow My Leader by Drew Neil about custom vim mappings points this out as well. See also his slides (slide 9 and 10) from a talk he gave about this. The video of the talk on vimeo is unfortunately no longer available.

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chrisbra commented Jun 23, 2021

zp zy

those have just been added for yanking / pasting without padding

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romainl commented Jun 23, 2021

Thank you @chrisbra.

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romainl commented Jun 23, 2021

@kiryph, thank you for pointing cs and ds out.

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