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const mapping = (f) => (reducing) => (result, input) => reducing(result, f(input));
const filtering = (predicate ) => (reducing) => (result, input) => predicate(input) ? reducing(result, input) : result;
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dtipson commented Feb 8, 2016

Not that adding extra, optional arguments is necessarily a wise thing, but I think adding the result to f(input, result) and predicate(input, result) can be interesting when using these methods. For instance, with that in place, in your filtering transducer (producer?) you can then do:

filtering((x, acc) => !~acc.indexOf(x))

And now you have a method that only allows values (or comparable objects) to be added to the result once:

reduce(filtering(dedupe)(concat), [], [1,1,1,2,6,6,7,8]);//-> [1, 2, 6, 7, 8]

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