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UMLS API client
""" UTS (UMLS Terminology Services) API client """
import json
from pathlib import Path
import requests
from lxml.html import fromstring
class UtsClient:
"""All the UTS REST API requests are handled through this client"""
def __init__(self, apikey=None):
if apikey is None:
file_key = Path(__file__).resolve().parents[1] / 'uts-api-key.txt'
self.apikey = open(file_key).read().rstrip()
self.apikey = '####'
self.apikey = apikey
self.service = ""
self.headers = {
"Content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
"Accept": "text/plain",
"User-Agent": "python"
self.tgt = None
self.base_uri = ""
self.version = "current"
def gettgt(self):
"""Retrieve a ticket granting ticket"""
auth_uri = ""
params = {"apikey": self.apikey}
auth_endpoint = "/cas/v1/api-key"
r = + auth_endpoint, data=params,
response = fromstring(r.text)
# extract the entire URL needed from the HTML form (action attribute)
# returned - looks similar to
# we make a POST call to this URL in the getst method
self.tgt = response.xpath('//form/@action')[0]
def getst(self):
"""Request a single-use service ticket"""
if self.tgt is None:
params = {"service": self.service}
r =, data=params, headers=self.headers)
return r.text
def query_get(self, endpoint, query):
r = requests.get(self.base_uri+endpoint, params=query)
if r.status_code == 404:
return json.loads(r.text)
def get_concept_mesh_atoms(self, cui, tok):
endpoint = f"/rest/content/{self.version}/CUI/{cui}/atoms"
query = {"ticket": self.getst(), "sabs": "MSH"}
rst = self.query_get(endpoint, query)
# If MSH term can't be found by CUI, use the defining word to search
if rst is None:
endpoint = f"/rest/search/{self.version}"
query = {"ticket": self.getst(),
"string": tok, "searchType": "exact"}
rst = self.query_get(endpoint, query)
if rst is not None:
search_max = 5
for rec in rst['result']['results']:
# search MSH until found
endpoint = (f"/rest/content/{self.version}"
query = {"ticket": self.getst(), "sabs": "MSH"}
rst = self.query_get(endpoint, query)
if rst is not None:
return rst
search_max -= 1
if search_max == 0:
return None
return rst
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