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Iterator Pattern Example
class IteratorPatternExample {
companion object {
fun main(args: Array<String>) {
val holder = VerifyTickets.getTicketHolder()
/*Printing several tickets*/
println("Printing next tickets...")
/*Find a specific ticket*/
println("Finding tickets...")
/*Update a specific ticket*/
println("Update ticket...")
println("Ticket update successfully :${holder.ticketIterator.updateTicket(1, "Updated Name")}")
println("Ticket update successfully :${holder.ticketIterator.updateTicket(55, "Exception")}")
/*Find a specific ticket*/
println("Find ticket...")
/*Reset the iterator position*/
println("Reset iterator position...")
/*Print all tickets*/
* A model class that represent a ticket for a bus/train/any other vehicles.
* @param id Unique ticket ID.
* @param name Ticket owner name.
data class TicketModel(val id: Int, var name: String = "")
* An interface that define all APIs to store or remove [TicketModel] or list of [TicketModel],
* and provide access to [TicketIterator] to iterate though the list of [TicketModel].
interface TicketHolder {
/*Add a ticket to the ticket holder*/
fun addTicket(ticketModel: TicketModel)
/*Add list of tickets to the ticket holder*/
fun addTickets(ticketModel: MutableList<TicketModel>)
/*Remove a ticket from the ticket holder*/
fun removeTicket(ticketModel: TicketModel)
/*Remove list of tickets from the ticket holder*/
fun removeTickets(ticketModel: MutableList<TicketModel>)
/*Clear all stored tickets*/
fun clearAll(): Boolean
/*Return an initialized instance of TicketIterator*/
val ticketIterator: TicketIterator
* Implementation of [TicketHolder], where all APIs logic are defined.
* Initialize [TicketIterator] by providing the [ticketList] as the prerequisites.
class TicketHolderImpl : TicketHolder {
/*Initialize empty holder*/
private var ticketList: MutableList<TicketModel> = ArrayList()
/*Initialize TicketIterator with empty holder*/
private var iterator: TicketIterator = TicketIteratorImpl(ticketList)
override fun addTicket(ticketModel: TicketModel) {
override fun addTickets(ticketModel: MutableList<TicketModel>) {
override fun removeTicket(ticketModel: TicketModel) {
override fun removeTickets(ticketModel: MutableList<TicketModel>) {
override fun clearAll(): Boolean {
return true
override val ticketIterator: TicketIterator
get() = iterator
* An interface that expose some APIs to the client to access, find, update, traverse
* thorough the elements of Ticket Holder system.
interface TicketIterator {
/*Return the next ticket*/
fun nextTicket(): TicketModel
/*Find a specific ticket*/
fun findTicket(id: Int): TicketModel?
/*Update a specific ticket*/
fun updateTicket(id: Int, name: String): Boolean
/*Check if holder has more tickets or not*/
val hasNextTicket: Boolean
/*Reset the position to 0*/
fun resetPositionTo(newPosition: Int)
* Implementation of [TicketIterator] where of APIs logic are defined.
* @param ticketList List of [TicketModel] to iterate, return ticket, find a ticket or update a ticket.
class TicketIteratorImpl(private var ticketList: List<TicketModel>) : TicketIterator {
private var position: Int = 0
override fun nextTicket(): TicketModel {
val ticket = ticketList[position]
println("Ticket Info at position : $position - $ticket")
return ticket
override fun findTicket(id: Int): TicketModel? =
ticketList.find { == id; }?.apply {
println("Ticket found: $this")
} ?: { println("No ticket found with id :${id}"); null }
override fun updateTicket(id: Int, name: String): Boolean {
return ticketList.find { == id }?.let { = name
return true
} ?: { println("No ticket found with id :${id}"); return@run false }
override val hasNextTicket: Boolean
get() = position >= ticketList.size
override fun resetPositionTo(newPosition: Int) {
this.position = newPosition
println("Position reset to $newPosition")
* Clients access point to the [VerifyTickets] system.
object VerifyTickets {
private val ticketHolder: TicketHolder = TicketHolderImpl()
fun getTicketHolder(freshStart: Boolean = true): TicketHolder {
if (freshStart) ticketHolder.clearAll(); ticketHolder.addTickets(provideValidBusTickets())
return ticketHolder
fun printAll(holder: TicketHolder) {
println("Starting to print....")
while (!holder.ticketIterator.hasNextTicket) {
println("Ending of print....")
/*Return a list of valid Tickets*/
private fun provideValidBusTickets(): MutableList<TicketModel> = mutableListOf(
TicketModel(0).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(1).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(2).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(3).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(4).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(5).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(6).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(7).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(8).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(9).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(10).apply { name = "Something $id" },
TicketModel(11).apply { name = "Something $id" }
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