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inspect podman registries configuration
[user@linux ~]$ grep -Inr registries /etc/containers/registries.conf
1:# For more information on this configuration file, see containers-registries.conf(5).
12:registries = ['', '', '', '', '']
17:registries = []
20:# "*", then the docker daemon will only be allowed to pull from registries listed above in the search
21:# registries. Blocked Registries is deprecated because other container runtimes and tools will not use it.
23:# registries you want to allow users to pull and push from. policy.json gives greater flexibility, and
27:registries = []
32:# # An array of host[:port] registries to try when pulling an unqualified image, in order.
33:# unqualified-search-registries = [""]
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